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Uttar Pradesh is a state sharing international boundaries and also shares learning and mentoring to students from centuries. State which has one of the highest number of medical colleges in India offers world class infrastructure and innovative technology to study MBBS in UP along with the approach of professionals to any health cause.

With a total of 9153 seats, 4850 MBBS seats are available in 32 private medical institutions, making it the finest state for students to realise their ambition of becoming Professional Medical Practitioners with leadership skills.Recognised as one of the best alternatives for students pursuing MBBS due to lower learning and lodging costs and easy-to-navigate cities with state transit.

About Uttar Pradesh


LocationThe northern part of India
Area243,000 sq. km
PopulationOver 200 million

Fees – Private Medical Colleges

In the table below you can find the list of private medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh. You can also observe the absence of the All India Counseling cut-off from this list of Private Medical Colleges.


College Name                                                      Place                  Estd. Year   Fees (Annually)
Career Inst. of Medical InstituteLucknow201115.80 Lacs
FH Medical CollegeAgra201416.50 Lacs
GS Medical CollegeHapur201711.78 Lacs
Heritage Inst. of Medical SciencesVaranasi201513.21 Lacs
Hind Inst. of Medical SciencesSitapur201510.77 Lacs
Integral Inst. of Medical SciencesLucknow201317.00 Lacs
KD Medical CollegeMathura201512.28 Lacs
Krishna Mohan Medical CollegeMathura201611.73 Lacs
Mayo Inst. of Medical SciencesGadia, Lucknow201211.21 Lacs
Muzaffarnagar Medical SciencesMuzaffarnagar200612.8 Lacs
Nariana Medical CollegeKanpur202112.14 Lacs
NCR Ints. of Medical SciencesMeerut201812.19 Lacs
Noida Int. Inst. of Medical SciencesGreater Noida202011.92 Lacs
Prasad Inst. of Medical SciencesLucknow201611.03 Lacs
Rajshree Medical Research Inst.Bareilly201412.28 Lacs
Rama Medical CollegeKanpur200812.66 Lacs
Rama Medical CollegeHapur201113.09 Lacs
Santosh Medical CollegeGhaziabad199624 Lacs
Saraswathi Inst. of Medical SciencesHapur200811,81 Lacs
School of Medical Science(Sharda)Greater Noida200912.69 Lacs
Sri Rama Murti Smarak Medical SciencesBareilly200513.73 Lacs
Subharti Medical CollegeMeerut199611.85 Lacs
Teerthanakar Mahavir Medical CollegeMoradabad200816.30 Lacs
TS Mishra Medical CollegeAmausi, Lucknow201612.99 Lacs
SKS Medical CollegeMathura201712.14 Lacs
United Inst. of Medical SciencesPrayagraj202011.90 Lacs
Rohilkhand Medical CollegeBareilly200613 Lacs
Venkateswara Inst. of Medical SciencesAmroha201611.10 Lacs
ERA Medical CollegeLucknow199716.60 Lacs
Hind Inst. of Med SciencesBarabanki200911.70 Lacs
Saraswati Medical CollegeUnnao201611.59 Lacs
Varun Arjun Medical CollegeGhaziabad201612.10 Lacs

Courses Offered in Uttar Pradesh

They offer undergraduate (MBBS), postgraduate (M.D, MS) and postgraduate courses.

Course                                  Duration
MBBS 4.5+1 year Internship

 PG Courses in Uttar Pradesh


Here, you can get information about the PG Courses offered with Intake and Duration details.

Course                          Intake                        Course Intake
MD – Anaesthesiology 3 Year MS – Otorhinolaryngology 3 Year
MD – Bio-Chemistry 3 Year MS – Orthopaedics 3 Year
MD – Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy 3 Year MS – General Surgery 3 Year
MD – General Medicine 3 Year MD/MS – Ophthalmology 3 Year
MD – Microbiology 3 Year MD – Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine 3 Year
MD – Paediatrics 3 Year MD – Respiratory Medicine 3 Year
MD – Pathology 3 Year MD – Radio Diagnosis/Radiology 3 Year
MD – Pharmacology 3 Year

MBBS Syllabus 

In this choice, we’ll inform you about the MBBS Syllabus. Let’s look at it.

Phase Semester Subjects Covered
Pre-clinical 1-2: Two Semesters Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology
Para-clinical 3-4-5: Three Semesters Community Medicine; Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Clinical postings inwards, OPDs to begin here
Clinical 6-7-8-9: Four Semesters Community Medicine, Medicine and allied subjects (Psychiatry, Dermatology); Obst. Gynae.; Pediatrics; Surgery and allied subjects (Anesthesiology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics); Clinical postings