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Many Indian students choose to study MBBS in Bangladesh because of the affordable fee structure, high-quality education, and easy admission process. The medical universities in Bangladesh are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO), which makes it easier for Indian students to practice medicine in India after completing their studies.

Indian students can apply for admission to MBBS programs in Bangladesh through the direct admission process or through entrance exams. The admission process is relatively simple and requires the submission of documents such as passport, educational certificates, and medical certificates.

In terms of the academic curriculum, the MBBS program in Bangladesh follows a similar structure to that of India. The program is divided into five years, and students are required to complete a one-year internship before being awarded their degree. The language of instruction is predominantly English, although some universities may offer classes in Bengali.

Overall, Indian students pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh have reported positive experiences and have found the education and living environment to be satisfactory.

Currency Exchange Rate: 1 Bangladeshi Taka = 0.77 Indian Rupee                                                                              

Top 10 reason to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh:


  1. Affordable tuition fees: Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh with Low MBBS Fee and No Entry or Donation required.
  2. Quality education: Bangladesh has a well-established medical education system, with many medical colleges and universities providing high-quality education.
  3. English as the medium of instruction: The medium of instruction for MBBS in Bangladesh is English, making it easier for international students to follow the courses.
  4. Clinical exposure: Medical colleges and hospitals in Bangladesh offer excellent clinical exposure to students, which is essential for developing practical skills.
  5. Modern infrastructure: Medical colleges and hospitals in Bangladesh are equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure, providing students with an ideal environment for learning.
  6. Recognized by WHO and other international medical bodies: The MBBS degree from Bangladesh is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international medical bodies, allowing students to practice medicine in many countries around the world.
  7. Strong emphasis on research: Medical colleges in Bangladesh place a strong emphasis on research, providing students with opportunities to contribute to the advancement of medical science.
  8. Multicultural environment: Studying MBBS in Bangladesh provides students with a multicultural environment, allowing them to interact with students from different backgrounds and cultures.
  9. Internship opportunities: Students pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh can gain valuable experience through internships at local hospitals and clinics, allowing them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.
  10. Job opportunities: The demand for medical professionals is high in Bangladesh, with many job opportunities available in public and private hospitals, clinics, and research centers.


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MBBS course duration in Bangladesh

5 years


NEET qualified

12th marks need to score for MBBS

PCB 60%

Mode of teaching

English medium

MBBS fees in Bangladesh


Cost of living in Bangladesh





Bangladeshi Taka

Direct flight duration (Delhi to Bishkek)


Weather Range

2-30 °C


Top University in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka

Holly Family Red Crescent Dhaka

Popular Medical College Dhaka

North East Medical College Sylhet

Enam Medical College Dhaka

Anwer Khan Modern Medical Dhaka

Barind Medical College Rajshahi

Eastern Medical College Dhaka

Sylhet Women’s Medical College Dhaka

Ad-Din Women’s Medical College Sylhet

TMSS Medical College Dhaka

Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College Bogra

Prime Medical College Dhaka

Kumuduni Women’s Medical College Mirzapur


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